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For a better mobility system in Groningen & Drenthe

More about the OV-bureau

Public transport in figures

The OV-bureau uses live data to develop, manage and organise the concession. These data include data about the vehicles (where is the bus at the moment) and the passengers (how many people are on the bus). The vehicle data come from the GPS signals that the buses transmit. The traveller’s details come from the OV chipcards (public transport chip cards).

The data used by the OV-bureau are public; they are known as open data. They can also be used for travel advice apps, for example. The data are also used by researchers to identify bottlenecks in the timetable. On the basis of the results, the provision of bus transport can be improved. The open data on bus transport can also be linked to other data, such as data from bicycle traffic or car traffic.

The open data are shown in the dashboard, and other places. Unfortunately it is not possible to translate all information from the dashboard into German or English. If you would like to receive data from or more information about the dashboard, please send an email to and we’ll be happy to help you.

Ambition 2030

The world is in motion. New technology brings progress. Sustainability is becoming more and more important. As of 2020, we drive more sustainably and travelling by bus is even easier. We’re getting ready. For the future.